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Microsoft hasn't said how much such renovation work will set it back, but it's unlikely going to be cheap as there's nearly certainly going to be some high-end luxury modern design, possibly to stick two fingers up as Apple's "Spaceship" campus in California, particularity when Microsoft says the campus will focus on "inclusive design and accessible technology" to "empower" employees. It's not building a spaceship campus as Apple did, but it will be adding 18 new buildings and up to 8,000 more workers to the payroll.

MICROSOFT LIKES big campuses and it can not lie, which is why its re-building its Seattle headquarters to fit in an extra 8,000 workers.

As part of the project, Microsoft will also tear down older buildings that no longer fit its needs.

Microsoft's future Redmond headquarters will look and operate more like small city, featuring a two-acre open plaza that can host 12,000 people.

Microsoft's Redmond campus is in for a major facelift. The campus will be divided into "team neighborhoods", which I imagine turns every single day into a corporate retreat team-building exercise. Cars will be stored in an underground parking facility.

Microsoft stated that the redevelopment of the campus would create over 2,500 new construction and development jobs. Having been the bane of many Microsoft employee for their confusing corridors, it's unlikely they'll be missed.

Work on the campus overhaul will begin in fall 2018 and is expected to last up to seven years.

In their place, and in the acres around them, 18 new buildings will rise, with flexible floor plans meant to foster collaboration, inspiration, and accessibility. We prize our relationship with the City of Redmond and will work closely with officials on the approval for campus and building architectural designs, engineering, building permit review and land use code compliance. It will all connect seamlessly with the Redmond Technology Transit Station, which will ferry passengers by light rail to downtown Bellevue and Seattle.

The developer of the Spring District, by the way, is Wright Runstad, which back in 1986 built the first six X-shaped buildings that will be replaced as part of this latest renovation.