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As "savetheinternet.com" explains, net neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers... from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use.

In its recommendations on principle of non-discriminatory treatment, Trai said, "A Licensee providing Internet Access Service shall not engage in any discriminatory treatment of content, including based on the sender or receiver, the protocols being used or the user equipment".

While the regulator has suggested a number of rules, it hasn't defined net neutrality as such...

Supporters of Net neutrality back the principle that the entire Internet traffic should be available to everyone on equal terms without any discrimination based on business considerations of service providers. Networks should not prefer one kind of content over another.

"We expect Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel to be key beneficiaries as they already have presence in content platforms", the report said. If a customer is paying for the data, then he should have the final choice in deciding as to where he goes. The toll operator would charge on the basis of vehicle, but does not give a discount for going to a specific shop or an area. The choice of accessing content on the internet should be left to me. Internet today is a great platform for innovation, start-ups, banking, government applications such as health, telemedicine, education, and agriculture.

"In line with its previous stand, TRAI has upheld the idea of a free and open internet". These are the broad thoughts. I really don't have any comments to make on what USA is doing. That may be best for them.

We have quoted nearly every domain and every country. What we are saying is that from our perspective, we needed to keep the Indian context in mind. It is important that we keep this open.

Specialised services are essentially those services that have extremely critical quality requirement, which are not really internet related.

Sharma added that specialised services like an autonomous vehicle, remote services, one-to-one specialised services will be kept out of these provinces, however, they should not be used to substitute internet. For example, a bank has dedicated pipes among its branches to create a wide area network. In addition, telcos also assure that they will disclose any instances of network management to relevant authorities or the public, as required.

He said that the right to access to the internet was "non-negotiable", and that no single body will have any monopoly over internet services. This concern has also been noted in recommendations,"said Apar Gupta".

Asked about the fine that will be imposed for any violation, Sharma said the penalty for violation of licence conditions will also be applicable in such cases and no separate penalty had been proposed by the regulator for violation of net neutrality rules.