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In terms of specifications, the OnePlus 5T is reported to boast the same innards as the OnePlus 5. Customers can buy the OnePlus 5T from the OnePlus online official store and from online retailer Amazon in India.

And yes, it looks a lot like the Oppo R11S. The OnePlus 5T looks like a fantastic phone because it has this incredible screen.

OnePlus is touting the revised face-unlock capabilities of the OnePlus 5T, but it doesn't appear to be much better than the stock Android approach and certainly not as advanced as competing alternatives. "But if you don't have a OnePlus 5, you should definitely consider upgrading to the 5T", he adds. In the OnePlus 5, the edges of the camera module were very prone to scratches.

Previous OnePlus devices had a boot menu that provided one-tap access to a restart button, a power button, and other options. The only obvious difference is the presence of a rounded fingerprint scanner just above the OnePlus logo, which was evicted from the front of the phone when OnePlus ditched the physical home button. It is no longer there under the screen.

Now, moving to the rear camera. The front is all dominated by the large screen. Upon waking the phone, it logged me in right away. The OnePlus 5T gets rid of this feature. The Optic AMOLED display panel itself isn't notably improved from past year, but getting more of it in the same basic package is a win-win.

The OnePlus 5T has an OLED panel that shows extremely punchy colours.

Of note, since Face Unlock blows right past the lock screen, there's a nifty new gesture to make notifications more easily accessible. The OnePlus 5T has a bit more character, more polish and more style when set next to the generic-looking OnePlus 3.

Just like the OnePlus 5 was, the 5T is also the fastest phone we have ever used besides the Pixel 2 this year. What's sure to be a victor among existing fans and new customers, OnePlus has given the 5T the flavour of a high-end smartphone, at a price you can stomach. OnePlus claims that the fingerprint sensor in this phone unlocks the device within 0.2 seconds. If you have a work and personal Instagram or Facebook account, as an example, this could be tremendously useful. It also only comes in black, while the OnePlus 5 is available in both black and grey.

Interestingly, fingerprint sensor is not the only authentication method that OnePlus 5T has.

We've been using the OnePlus 5T for a few days prior to its launch event on 16 November. The front camera will carry the baggage of a 16 megapixel sensor. The company also says it's improved readability in sunlight by dynamically adjusting contrast - a useful feature that Samsung and other have been doing for a few years. The zoom lens is gone.

The smartphone is touted to come with new camera sensors on the back. However, the configuration has changed slightly. The Intelligent Pixel Technology merges four pixels into just one so the image is clearer and noise is reduced especially in low-light conditions. Low light photos, however, are something that I am yet to take a better look due to paucity of time. In the OnePlus 5T, all zooming happens in software. But hey, at least they kept the headphone jack, so kudos for that! The handset will be incorporating 6GB as well as 8GB RAM options.

The software too remains the same.

On the software side, the OnePlus 5 comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box below OnePlus's custom OxygenOS user interface.

Sure, the OnePlus 5T is an upgraded version of the popular OnePlus 5 but do these new add-on features are enough to justify an upgrade?

The average OnePlus phone owner likely upgrades faster than owners of other brands, but even they have limits. Although, there are a couple of unique features that it comes with. The big change for design is the edge to edge OLED display. And the reason why that is so is largely to do with the screen. What's really intriguing, though, is the short time between announcements for OnePlus. The lack of bezels looks lovely, but makes a phone harder to hold. While they did share their pride in releasing a true Flagship all the way back in 2014, they didn't shy out discussing how 2015 wasn't a great year for the company with their OnePlus 2 and the X. They picked up their pace back up with the OnePlus 3, and 3T, and then concluded by calling the OnePlus 5 the "most complete package" from their ends. This means it has a starting price of Rs 32,999.

There are also some improvements to the camera app for the OnePlus 5T. Or how its screen deals with different video aspects ratios. All of this is something we will take a look into during review. Both devices are scheduled to be OTA updated to Oreo by early 2018.