That said, not everyone is a fan of change, and if you find yourself loving the iPhone X display but otherwise aren't yet ready to let go of the home button, there's a workaround you can implement in iOS 11 that will provide you with a digital home button on the screen.

Bloomberg said Apple also wants to slim down the bezels around the sides and above and below the screen, which means it might be a slate that's nearly entirely a display.

However, the new version of the tablet is unlikely to include an OLED screen, which provides more vivid colors and sharper clarity, the people said.

A new report by Bloomberg is claiming that Apple is working on a redesigned, high-end iPad, with facial recognition capabilities like the iPhone X, for release as early as 2018. However, the report says that the new iPads will also drop the Home button/Touch ID, something that KGI's recent report didn't mention.

Would you prefer an edge-to-edge iPad with Face ID?

The report states that that this new iPad will have a similar sized display to the current 10.5-inch iPad Pro but will get rid of the current Home button with Touch ID in favor of the new Face ID technology introduced with the iPhone X. It's possible that we won't see an Apple Pencil 2 this year at all.

The iPhone X is without a doubt the most exciting new iPhone release we've seen in years. But demand waned and global tablet sales declined 17 percent the past three years. Would Face ID and a new bezel-less display be enough on their own to upgrade?

The last major revision to the iPad line was in 2015 when the iPad Pro arrived.