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Finally, Waze now has the ability to listen for commands once its voice activation features are triggered by the wake words "OK Waze", which you can enable under the "Sound & Voice" and "Talk to Waze" section of the Waze app. Users in the US, UK and Canada will be able to take advantage of this capability. Waze can now offer routes and travel estimates based on the use of HOV lanes when available. Talk to Waze is now available for English-speaking Wazers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand, and will continually roll out in more languages soon.

If you use Waze over Google Maps, be on the lookout for a huge update that is rolling out this week. Being added to the existing list of Private and Taxi, this new option will allow two-wheeled vehicle riders to access specialized routes, more accurate arrival times, and more.

Given that Waze's routing recommendations are based on routes from other users, it seems like the flawless navigation app to highlight the differences between auto and motorcycle travel. Simply turn on Talk to Waze in the Sound and Voice settings menu and then say "OK Waze" to begin talking.

Another new feature is Talk to Waze, which now lets your voice control the app by saying "OK Waze" (similar to "OK Google").

This feature is now available for English speakers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand.

The tweak to the Waze voice commands was one of the three most-requested features, according to the company, and two others are support for carpool lanes and motorcycle mode.

If you're riding with several people in the vehicle, head to Settings, tap Navigation, tap Add Toll/HOV pass, and select from a list of HOV passes in your area. These settings will vary by city, but you can tell the app if you've got an eligible fuel-efficient vehicle or if you have a carpool. HOV route support, on the other hand, is getting a much more limited roll out, launching only in 22 USA markets along with Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. To Waze on a motorbike, go to Settings Vehicle Type Motorcycles in your app.