It appears that the two companies are moving closer to reaching an agreement that would bring Mario and friends to the movies in the near future.

Nintendo is close to a deal with Illumination Entertainment for an animated movie based on the popular video game franchise, "Super Mario Bros.", CNN has confirmed.

According to industry heads, Illumination has been in talks with Nintendo for over a year. Unfortunately, it became the poster child for frightful movies based on a video game license, and it has taken more than 20 years before we're even hearing about another film starring a character from a Nintendo franchise. The original live-action Super Mario Bros, a 1993 film starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi, was a damn nightmare. Furthermore, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto will most likely serve as a producer.

The project is apparently in early development at Illumination's Paris studio Mac Guff, which is primarily responsible for the Despicable Me films. Animated films, especially ones as important as this, tend to take a long time to make, so don't even bother to start holding your breath yet.

In the year 2015 also WSJ reporter Ben Fritz reported that Netflix was in production in a series based on Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda.

This reveal comes on the heels of the mammothly successful Super Mario Odyssey video game for the Nintendo Switch, and is likely a great move to help capitalize on the character's continuing success.