KXIP vs KKR Live Score

You can get Black Friday bargains across the board today and through the weekend, especially if you're a USA gamer.

If you're looking for a Switch bargain bundle then you won't find much at the moment, but Amazon do have a lightning deal coming up... Well, this year's Black Friday deals bring some of the best games with discounted price tags.

Interim CEO Daniel DeMatteo mentioned that the Switch is showing a different dynamic compared to what was seen four years ago with PS4 and Xbox One. There are some popular games which are there with Multiplatform support so you can purchase it for any of your consoles and there are some exclusive ones which are designed for a particular console only.

Another fun thing to do during Black Friday is to lookout for companies that enjoy the best sales and we predict that Nintendo is going to be that company.

Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel added that generally GameStop sees 180 days as the average time it takes for consoles and games to be traded-in in significant numbers after launch, and they expect the Switch to elongate that figure a bit. The best you can manage is the console alone for £270 or a bundle with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for £290.