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"That said, our results suggest moderate coffee drinking - up to around three cups per day - is not detrimental to your health, and that incorporating coffee into your diet could have health benefits".

If that's not enough to get a steaming hot cup of the bean, they are also 19% less likely to die of heart disease, 18% less likely to develop cancer and have a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, when compared with people who do not drink coffee.

They caution pregnant women and women at high risk of fractures should limit their coffee consumption.

The research, which extracted evidences from over 200 past studies on the matter, also discovered that drinking coffee was linked to lower risks of diabetes, liver disease, some cancers, and even dementia.

Dr Poole and researchers from the University of Edinburgh reviewed 201 studies that had aggregated data from observational research and 17 studies that collected statistics from clinical trials.

In news that is sure to bring jubilation to cyclists around the country, researchers have concluded that coffee could come with substantial health benefits, with up to seven cups of coffee reducing the chance of an early death.

In a linked editorial, Eliseo Guallar at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said although we can be reassured that coffee intake is generally safe, doctors should not recommend drinking coffee to prevent disease - and people should not start drinking coffee for health reasons. Drinking above that number in the same period didn't appear to show any harm, although the benefits were less apparent.

Coffee is the most loved and desired drink consumed throughout the world.

But it's not all doom and gloom for coffee lovers.

There also seemed to be beneficial associations between coffee consumption and Parkinson's disease, depression and Alzheimer's disease. However, when too much caffeine is consumed, it may take a toll on the body. Do you personally think drinking three to four cups of coffee per day can be healthy?