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TPP trade ministers had agreed to a number of key changes to nudge negotiations closer to a deal and he said Canada would be better off because of them.

Efforts to reach an agreement this weekend on a Pacific Rim trade pact appeared to collapse Friday when persistent concerns over the deal, including Canada's, forced the abrupt cancellation of a scheduled leaders' meeting.

Despite the absence of the U.S. now, Mustapa said, Malaysia still stands to gain benefits from market access to countries such as Canada, Peru and Mexico.

"However, prominent anti-TPP campaigner, Jane Kelsey from The University of Auckland law school, said in a statement based on a leaked text of today's progress statement that she was "'disappointed, but not surprised" that the Labour government had largely endorsed the TPP agreement signed up to by the previous National Party-led government "with the suspension of a limited range of items".

United States President Donald Trump abandoned the TPP - regarded as former President Barack Obama's signature trade deal - after winning office in January this year.

Japanese leaders want to shield its politically powerful agricultural sector from liberalization demands that are potentially harsher than those agreed under the TPP, but political analysts say the Trump administration is likely to step up calls for a bilateral free trade agreement, and the tough demands it will bring, regardless of the TPP's future.

"We are pleased that progress is being made towards a possible agreement, but there is still some work to be done".

The TPP was an attempt to give a practical trade expression to the original aspirations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, Mr Marles said.

"It is true that Canada did not attend that meeting and those talks have now been postponed".

But negotiators from all countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including Canada, held further talks on Friday night.

Partly to counter China's growing dominance in Asia, Japan had been lobbying hard for the TPP pact, which aims to eliminate tariffs on industrial and farm products across an11-nation bloc whose trade totalled $356 billion previous year.

"The "just about" could be important; there are four provisions of the TPP which are suspended".

What is especially troubling is that Trudeau said the government would take its time to get the deal right, but now it appears that he was pressured into accepting a deal at any cost.

Asked whether Canada was back in the tent and TPP was back on she said: "I would characterise it in that way, yes".

Canadian media reported a defensive stance from Trudeau's contingent, who sought to characterise the no-show as a "misunderstanding" about the schedule and the intention to try to conclude a way forward on TPP at Da Nang. China is not part of the TPP.

"The Canadian prime minister is clearly equivocating and that is deeply disappointing.as is the position that the United States took under President Trump".

On Sunday, Trudeau will attend the ASEAN summit of 10 Southeast Asian leaders in Manila, hosted by President Rodgrigo Duterte, who has faced harsh worldwide criticism for his human rights record.

Mr Trump and the other 20 leaders of the APEC economies will on Saturday retreat into the Summit for private talks.

"The reality is that showing we are in the process of diversifying our economic interests helps us in the NAFTA negotiations", he said.