According to, Venus will rise in Ireland around 5:56am on Monday morning and will be followed closely by Jupiter at 5:58am.

Weather permitting, for those observers who don't have any tall obstructions such as trees or buildings toward the east-northeast, this "double planet" should make for a very striking visual spectacle, no doubt attracting the attention of even those who don't give more than a casual glance at the sky, Space added.

While Venus and Jupiter are 416 million miles apart, they will appear as if the two planets are orbiting the Sun side by side for a brief period.

On this day in 2008, visible the world over, was an unusual superposition of our Moon and the planets Venus and Jupiter.

No matter where you are, experts recommend travelling to a rural location away from any light pollution.

The public are being advised to remember that the planets will rise so close to each other that they might look like one extremely bright star.

Coming about 40 minutes before sunrise in the United Kingdom, the two planets will appear very close in the sky, seperated roughly by half the width of the full Moon. However, a telescope or pair of high-powered binoculars focusing on Jupiter will reveal the colorful cloud bands on the planet, as well as its four largest moons.

A clear sky is preferred in order to get the best glimpse of the conjunction.

Fingers crossed, skies will remain clear and we all get to catch a peak of something truly handsome. Of course you do.