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But not all traces of the message will be gone as it will be replaced with "This message was deleted".

Tap Delete (trashcan icon) at the top of the screen Delete for everyone.

Taking a page out of Snapchat's playbook and embracing a more temporary option for messaging, WhatsApp will now allow users to delete messages after they've sent them. While the trend is catching up slowly, WhatsApp the popular messaging app might be very close to introducing a new payments feature in its platform.

The recipient can still see the message as a notification - beware!

Similar message recall features have been available on other chat apps such as Telegram and Viber for a while now. They did so for those times where you potentially sent a message by mistake to a single person or a group.

This could be the end of drunk texts, mistaken booty pics and the like.

We've been hearing about WhatsApp to soon offer payment option within WhatsApp chat.

However, it won't be a feast for WhatsApp users - not just yet. The report also notes that WhatsApp has reportedly partnered with three of India's leading banks- SBI, ICICI and HDFC to launch the feature.

Well, the countdown has begun for digital mobile wallets, they'll be shivering in cold, nights and days, and might weep to see how WhatsApp won't even chew anyone slowly but will directly gulp every one in the digital payment sector, once, WhatsApp's payment feature will start to roll-out. Is this a welcome feature, or is it something you won't be using? Besides, the instant messenger already has over 200 million users in India, so people could adopt it pretty quickly.

WhatsApp recently announced that it had passed one billion daily active users. Let's see how Google's Tej, PayTM, Mobiwiki, Phone Pe and other's will counter this massive threat from Facebook's WhatsApp. The feature will reveal a "Rupees" symbol under the "Attachment" option in a WhatsApp chat. This has earned some widespread regulatory scrutiny from around Europe and the U.K. As of the moment, WhatsApp has not resolve such concerns yet.