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The hashtag #Her2020 and media attention started shortly after an October 28 bike ride in which Juli Briskman was photographed giving the president's motorcade the middle finger in Sterling, Virginia.

The Washington Post reports Juli Briskman was on her bicycle last month when President Trump's motorcade drove by her on a northern Virginia road.

Once the photos, snapped by White House photographer Brendan Smialowski, made its way to the Internet, Briskman's employer, Akima LLC, chose to fire the mother-of-two.

This did not comfort her bosses and she was still given the boot.

"In some ways, I'm doing better than ever", she added.

While Briskman told the Huffington Post, "How is that any less "obscene" than me flipping off the president?"

Given the grounds for her termination, it would seem that her decision to post that banner image was what ultimately led to her losing her job. He has been asked to remove the post but he was able to keep her job.

While Briskman wasn't working at the time she did this, and she doesn't mention where she works in her social media profiles, the company told her it could hurt their business.

People criticized Akima - some on the left directed people on Twitter to complain directly to Akima's offices - accusing the company of infringing on Briskman's right to free speech.

"You're a fucking Libtard asshole", the director inserted under the otherwise civil conversation.

Akima did not respond to requests for comment via email and phone. During this work, Briskman found a senior company director discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. But apparently the good ol' social media policy didn't apply to this guy.

She was aware of the comment because monitoring Facebook was one of the tasks that fell under her purview at the company. It was sayonara for her.

She says now that she's looking for work again, she hopes to get a job with an advocacy group like PETA.

"Here's what was going through my head that day: 'Really?"

"They said, "We're separating from you, '" said Briskman".

She had no idea the pool photographer had snapped her photo. "So they were canceling flipping him 'foul'". "You might not get jailed for what you say, but you might not get the job you want". Isn't it funny?' "she said".

As for her reason for all that anger towards President Trump, Briskman quite bluntly stated that his love of leisure has been filling her with a growing rage.