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"I guess his $ means more than our safety?" she tweeted.

She said flight attendants continued to serve the passenger drinks for the duration of the three-hour flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, Mexico. She said she nearly accepted the offer until she decided against it, thinking she should not have to move since she was the one being harassed. "I am the one being harassed!"

After I told them that I was extremely uncomfortable, they suggested to me that they could re-seat me in a middle seat at the very back of the plane, Which I nearly did until I realised why should I have to move?

"I'm even more furious with Alaska Airlines for knowingly and willingly providing this man with a platform to harass women".

However, the matter may be resolved soon.

Alaska Airlines has since began an investigation into the incident: "What Randi Zuckerberg shared with us is very disturbing", a spokesman, Ray Lane, said.

Staff told the pair that the man, who frequently flew the same Alaska Airlines route, had demonstrated similar "behavior in the past, but oh well, don't take it personally, this guy just doesn't have a filter".

She said all of this transpired before the plane took off.

Alaska Airlines flight attendants continued serving the man "multiple alcoholic drinks" for the rest of the flight. "Shouldn't he have been thrown off the plane?!" she said.

"I am furious at that passenger for making me extremely uncomfortable for a 3 hour flight".

More airline related fiasco emerged as someone as high profile as Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, alleged that sexual harassment in a flight of the Alaska Airlines.

"Recent events involving sexual harassment onboard our aircraft will not be tolerated".

"We can not support businesses that are complicit in allowing this behavior, and value the money of harassers over the comfort of their passengers", she added.

"What's infuriating is that as women (ex: the flight attendants) we're programmed to grin & bear it, giggle it off & make excuses for men who don't know how to behave", Venture Capitalist Elizabeth Galbut tweeted in response.

The airline added that it has zero tolerance for any type of sexual misconduct that creates an unsafe environment for its guests and crew members.