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Apple and Qualcomm are battling in court right now over alleged patent infringement.

Qualcomm has asked the ITC to ban the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X given that the devices infringe on a few of the chipmaker's patents.

In the second complaint, Qualcomm stated Apple infringed a further six patents: U.S. numbers 8,971,861; 7,834,591; 8,768,865; 8,229,043; 8,447,132; and 9,024,418.

One of Apple's key component makers, Qualcomm, is demanding a significant portion of iPhones be removed from shelves before Christmas because of a patent infringement.

With this in mind it could take weeks before an investigation begins and months for action on the complaint.

Qualcomm already filed a series of similar claims against Apple back in July, again asking for payments and for a ban on iPhones.

Qualcomm's two complaints came on the back of another separate complaint it had filed the day before which accused Apple of infringing a further five patents relating to radio frequency transceivers and image enhancement. Even though Intel modems are slightly inferior to their Qualcomm counterparts, Apple has been using Intel chips in some of its iPhones to diversify its supplier base. One patent describes technology used to reduce power consumption in mobile chips such as Apple's A10 Fusion processor that powers the iPhone 7 models, and a different one also targets the same chip, focusing on the SRAM memory unit logic.

"You can't react that quickly to file lawsuits", he explained. Apple alleges it owns at least eight battery life patents that Qualcomm has violated.

"All of these Palm inventions-owned by Qualcomm-have vastly improved the functionality of mobile devices and the user experience, and all of them are widely found in Apple products without license or permission", the firm argues.

When the publication reached out to Apple for a response, the company simply pointed to a recent filing that reads: "Apple's iPhone is the reason consumers fell in love with smartphones and this continues to push Apple to create and innovate with new products and technologies, such as iPhone X Face ID". If the processor chip giant had its way, iPhone Xs from these carriers could be banned.

The research firm estimates that Apple has sold more than 15 million iPhone X devices since the November 3 launch.