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"Working alongside the medical community, not only can we inform people of certain health conditions, we also hope to advance discoveries in heart science", said Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams, in a statement. From that study, researchers were able to determine the Apple Watch could detect an abnormal heart rhythm with a 97 percent accuracy when paired with an AI-based algorithm called DeepHeart. The study had been previously announced back in September.

If you have an Apple Watch (series 1, 2 or 3)-or if you're putting it on your holiday list this year-you can now participate in research without doing anything other than strapping the watch to your wrist every morning.

According to Apple, millions of people suffer from AFib, but many are unaware of the condition until it causes serious problems. The point here is not to diagnose heart rhythm abnormalities, but rather to screen for them - at least for the time being.

For the Apple Heart Study, the accompanying app will analyze those heart rhythms for evidence of AFib, a leading cause of stroke that's responsible for some 130,000 deaths and 750,000 hospitalizations per year in the US. American Well is providing the telemedicine services.

Apple Inc. joined the healthcare industry today with the launch the new Apple Health Study app for the Apple Watch, which gathers heart rate data for a medical study conducted by Stanford University.

Assuming the participant doesn't need urgent or emergency care, Stanford will ship an ECG monitoring patch (specifically BioTelemetry's ePatch) to them. "We're excited to work with Apple on this breakthrough heart study".

The sensor in the Apple Watch uses LED lights to measure heart rate and monitor the pattern of the heartbeat. However, the study focused exclusively on results from the Apple Watch.

Your Apple Watch can now tell you if you have an irregular heart rhythm. The company declined to say whether it would take on further research in the future.

The Heart Study app is available in the United States via the App Store for people age 22 and up, and who have an Apple Watch Series 1 or later.

Apple has increasingly been bringing tech and medicine together.

"No one has gotten FDA clearance outside of us for any ECG-related product", he said. "We think the game-changer is going to be focused on the electrocardiogram".