KXIP vs KKR Live Score

They have exchanged their fair share of verbal volleys over the years and Jose Mourinho compared his latest clash with old rival Arsene Wenger today to Bjorn Borg taking on John McEnroe.

They sit four points better off than fourth-placed Arsenal and are eight behind leaders Manchester City.

The Old Trafford boss revealed that he watched the new film Borg McEnroe on Thursday, and likened United's title chase to a match between the two tennis greats.

"I play a game at a time". 'I play a game at a time and is the way to do it. Borg's coach was telling him: "one point at a time, think just about one point".

Supporters will be desperate to see the Frenchman take the focus away from Mesut Ozil and put Arsenal's midfield on the back-foot by releasing players further up the pitch. It's hard enough to be focused on other things.

Asked if he is more like the clinical Borg or the temperamental McEnroe, Mourinho replied: "I don't play tennis".

'So for me you can say what you want, my goalkeeper needs to know what to do when his team has the ball, how to attack, and my striker needs to know how to defend and what to do, this is simple, for me is simple'.

'Even if the Champions League match was a must-win match, I think I would forget it.

'It's tomorrow and it's hard enough for you to be not focused and not be thinking about other things.

"I can see Arsenal scoring goals against United and I find it harder to believe that United will score goals against them".

The manager is remaining hopeful, but up to the point of his press conference, he could not guarantee that Matic would be fit enough to play. I think in the beginning of football, the guy who decides to say defenders and attackers, this guy was bad.

We know that the media will try and twist any comment by Mourinho or Wenger to fuel the sensationalist headlines, but Le Prof did a good job there of giving them absolutely nothing to go on.