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Although very little has been announced about the episodes themselves, there will be 6 new episodes for us to binge-watch but also feel absolutely mind f*cked after. Read the rest of this first.

Netflix has been playing dismissal with premiere date of fourth season of Black Mirror, one of its star series and that more excitement rises every year. Episodes are stand-alone but tend to be set in an alternate reality or in the near future.

Black Mirror has gained a reputation as a relentless science-fiction series, becoming one of Netflix's flagship genre shows and a source of brutal self-examination that explores how we use and depend on technology. The tagline is "Memories can be subjective", and apparently so can trailers. Finally, "Black Museum" will wrap up the fourth season with a tourist trap crime museum that has a deadly and "shocking star attraction".

"Hang the DJ" is taking on issues of online dating, as it takes place in a futuristic world and features a dating app that tells you everything you need to know about your partner.

Ever since the show switched over to Netflix, we've seen it take a massive leap in scope and talent, and as it ventures into the latest six-part series, it takes another, even bigger and greater leap. And true to Black Mirror form, things aren't expected to go particularly well, as highlighted by the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason", which is repeated in the background. Maxine Peake's character appears to be running from a killer robot dog that's more Boston Robotics than Aibo. Starring Douglas Hodge, Letitia Wright and Babs Olusanmokun.

So that's a lot to grapple with, but you have a few weeks to do it in, before everything is released.