Also unique to Full Body are new endings, added scenes with the original Catherine and Katherine, "sexy events", advanced difficulty settings, changes to the core puzzle-platforming gameplay, and much more. Trust us, it's very hard to explain, but our review does a pretty decent job. According to Persona Central, the game will be titled Catherine: Full Body.

Atlus' Catherine came out all the way back in 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360 but now it's getting an update for its release on PS4 and Vita, called Catherine: Full Body. Fingers crossed there'll be a Western release on the cards soon.

Catherine: Full Body is now set for a release next year.

Full Body will up the ante with a slew of new features, the least of which is the addition of a third Catherine. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita remake is now in development, the company revealed this week, with updated visuals and entirely new content planned for the game. These include new cutscenes, extra endings and a third Catherine, named Rin.

Catherine: Full Bodywill again star Vincent, who's caught in the middle of several very different women named Catherine. The online battles, meanwhile, were added as a response to the game competitive community that unexpectedly developed around Catherine. So far the only information on the site is that a live-stream is scheduled to take place on 22 December on Niconico, where they will reveal more about the game.

"Atlus is also asking viewers to send in their "nightmare-like incidents" on Twitter with the hashtag "#悪夢のような出来事" in commemoration of the Catherine: "Full Body announcement.