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The Prime Minister addressed a rally at Bharuch where he accused Congress of ruining at least 70 years of the country. "They oppose things like bullet train only because they could not take this initiative forward and are envious someone else is". "Uttar Pradesh knows Congress well and so does Gujarat", Prime Minister Modi said.

A senior journalist of ABP News in his coverage of Prime Minister Modi's public meet shows a huge number of empty seats. Congress was wiped out.

When there were floods in Banaskantha, Congress leaders were in Bengaluru to save 1 leader from losing a Rajya Sabha poll.

He said the Congress government too wanted the project but failed to get it and so was now opposing it.

He further said that the curfews and violence were common in Bharuch when the Congress was in power, adding, "BJP changed this, not only in Bharuch but all over Gujarat". "And, if you see the districts which developed rapidly under the BJP tenure in Gujarat, the names of these two districts figure prominently", he said. That same leader is topmost Congress leader but what did he do for Bharuch? Modi claimed his government's success in getting loan from Japan and starting the bullet train project had pinched Congress. Seeking to counter objections to Sardar Patel statue in Bharuch, he said it would bring enormous growth to the region in the form of tourism.

Echoing a similar sentiment, finance minister Arun Jaitley said the Gujarat polls were increasingly becoming a contest between development, political stability on one hand and an opportunist alliance, anarchy on the other.

Congress strategy is to divide people- divide people into lines of caste, community, urban-rural. Modi's rallies are centred on places where the BJP needs an extra push.