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Netflix's critically acclaimed new series Mindhunter has just been renewed for Season Two! The show follows the agents as they interview convicted serial killers in order to build a "profile" which would allow them to hopefully prevent future assaults.

'It's more weird than what a writer could concoct from his imagination, ' he insists.

Penhall created the series with David Fincher, Joshua Donen, Charlize Theron and Cean Chaffin acting as exec. producers.

Given that it was an immediate favorite among enthusiastic (and freaked out!) fans when the first season dropped, we have no doubt that people will be thrilled to learn that there are more creep-tastic stories coming from the Mindhunter folks for at least one more season.

Of 18 new scripted series to premiere on Netflix in 2017, 13 have been renewed, two canceled after one season and three pending, with most if not all of them looking good to come back. Featuring the tagline, "We need to talk to more subjects", the post includes a brief video clip highlighting the show's Rorschach test-like imagery.

How do we get ahead of insane if we don't know how insane thinks?

From director Park Hong-Kyun and the Hong sisters (Hong Mi-Ran and Hong Jung-Eun), the show is inspired by Journey to the West. The real surprise of the show thus far has been 1970s killer Ed Kemper's character played by Cameron Britton. Prison Playbook is a comedic drama about a famous baseball player who suddenly ends up in jail, and Argon is about journalists who fight for the truth in the world of fake news. "We hope Korean content becomes acknowledged not only at home, but globally as well".

A Korean Odyssey will be available on Netflix from late December of this year.