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And to help you build highlights, your stories will now automatically save into a private Stories Archive so you can easily relive them.

With Stories Archive, Instagram is basically letting you keep your stories forever. Once this is done, the highlight will appear as a circle on the user's profile that plays as a stand-alone story. In fact, you can save your stories forever under the new "Stories Archive" section (privately) or "Stories Highlights" section (publicly)-with instant access to share on your profile. Highlights will surely be well utilized by brands who pour resources into shooting Stories, and now can create product or campaign specific collections.

Instagram is giving brands a new reason to invest in producing higher-quality Stories. Tap on it to either watch it, share it on your main IG again, add to a story, or add to your Highlights.

You have to just tap on the Archive icon on your profile, to see any of your saved Stories.

During those moments when you feel like you've made ideal Instagram Stories, you wish you could save it forever. To edit or remove the highlight just tap and hold on the circle.

Instagram started rolling out a feature in its iOS and Android app Tuesday that allows you to save your Instagram stories.

The great thing about this feature is that it's a permanent way of showing the user's best Instagram Stories.

The change is created to help you 'hold on to your favourite moments, ' according to Instagram, and is available today for iOS and Android.

Thank goodness, because this is what Instagram Stories didn't have that Snapchat does. Users will receive a notification when Stories Archives kicks in, letting them opt out of the feature. So basically, no more rushing to download each picture or video you upload to your story before it expires.

The company, although not completely abandoning the ephemeral content idea, is now adopting a Stories Archive - a section of the Instagram app that files away previous stories for your reminiscing. If you want you can also turn off the feature. There's no way you or your friends and followers can see it. You can include the same number of features as you need from your chronicle and they'll show up as a flat parchment bar over your photograph lattice.