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Prime Minister Saad Hariri Tuesday reiterated Lebanon's "Arab" identity, adding that it wasn't up for debate as he said the country was not in a position to harm its Arab regional neighbors.

There are several Hezbollah ministers in Hariri's cabinet, and his statement on Tuesday suggested that the group, which has fighters in Syria, had also agreed to stay out of the affairs of other Arab states.

Hariri said in a statement that his cabinet had reached a consensus to "exclude" itself from "any disputes, conflicts, wars, or the internal affairs of Arab states".

Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran have always been fighting over dominance of the Middle East by supporting opposing forces in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Hariri's planned departure was seen as the latest fallout from the proxy war between Sunni-majority Saudia Arabia and Shiite-majority Iran, who back different sides in Syria and Yemen's civil wars.

Back in Beirut after a visit to France, Hariri made a decision to put his resignation on hold at the request of Aoun.

Aoun had said he would not accept Hariri's resignation unless he presented it in person. Hariri, however, who is friendlier towards Saudi Arabia and has sent his children to school there, has a darker history with the group - his father, former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, was killed in a bombing blamed on Hezbollah in 2005.

Lebanese officials say Saudi Arabia coerced Hariri, a long-time ally of Saudi Arabia, into resigning and held him there against his will until an intervention by France led to his return to Lebanon last week, however, Saudi Arabia denies the charge.

Last week, Hariri told French magazine Paris Match that he lives in "constant fear of his life" from agents of the Assad regime.