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McConnell, R-Ky., said Sunday he believed the Senate Ethics Committee would take up an investigation if Moore is elected, but that it'll be up to that panel to decide how it wants to proceed. It's another indicator voters might look past sexual misconduct allegations against Moore and put him in office anyway.

Another poll a day earlier had Jones barely ahead.

Indeed, the poll found that Moore has a comfortable six-point lead over his opponent, Democratic candidate Doug Jones, 49 percent to 43 percent, with a margin of error of less than 5 percent.

"Roy Moore should step aside, the women who've come forward are entirely credible", McConnell said last month. Moore vehemently denies the allegations. Moore leads among men by 15%. In November, The Washington Post published the accounts of four women with stories about Moore, including Leigh Corfman's, who said that she was just 14 when she engaged in two sexually inappropriate meetings with Moore, who was then 32, in 1979.

The Fox News Poll sample of 649 likely voters included 48 percent Republicans, 42 percent Democrats, and ten percent independents, which appears to be an unusual oversampling of Democrats and undersampling of Republicans.

Real Clear Politics now has Moore up 2.5 points in its polling average, but the truth is that with most national polling outfits staying away, the unusual timing of the election, and the general shakiness of state surveys, nobody really knows what's going to happen next Tuesday.

However, the poll also highlighted a continued division among Alabama voters on the validity of the allegations.

Read the full Washington Post article. Just over half (52%) think there are things more serious to consider than the allegations, and another 21% say the allegations do not concern them at all.

Moore, who beat incumbent Sen. Like Trump, Moore has not given any ground, instead attempting to poke holes in picayune details surrounding the accusations against him.