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Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager faces 19 to 24 years in prison for the deadly shooting of unarmed black man Walter Scott, according to sentencing guidelines announced by a judge this morning.

Norton's sentence later Thursday will bring to an end one of the most notorious criminal cases in modern S.C. history, a case that attracted worldwide attention after a bystander's video of Scott's fatal shooting went viral on the Internet.

Scott family lawyer Justin Bamberg said: 'I think everybody's just ready to close this chapter of life and start the next chapter. Prosecutors believe the videos depict the officer's callous behavior.

But earlier this year, Slager pleaded guilty to a single federal civil rights charge as part of a plea deal that resolved both cases. Prosecutors have supported the murder finding, which would expose Slager to up to life in prison.

Norton will announce Slager's sentence later Thursday.

Scott's family testified before the sentence was handed down and said they had forgiven Slager.

Slager, a former North Charleston officer, pulled Scott over on April 4, 2015, for a broken brake light.

A white former police officer says he is grateful for the forgiveness from the family of a black man that he shot to death.

The sentencing hearing could last several days.

Slager was charged in SC with murder and pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors think it's murder, making Slager eligible for a life sentence. State prosecutors were set to retry him earlier this year, but as part of a plea agreement, Slager pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights violation for using excessive force and SC agreed to drop the murder charge. "Slager's actions were disproportional to Scott's misconduct". Scott jumped out of the vehicle and ran.

The men move out of view of the dashcam.

"The expert testified he was able to hear Scott say "**** the police" before the two got into a fight.

In cellphone video of the shooting, Scott is shown getting about 17 feet (5 meters) from Slager before the officer fires at him eight times.

"Shots fired. Suspect down".

Fredericks also said his analysis showed taser wire was wrapped around Slager's leg and was connected to Scott right before the shooting. A bystander caught the shooting on video.

Slager had claimed that Scott had wrested his stun gun from him, and that he fired his gun in self-defense.

Hallimore testified during the State's murder trial in November of previous year.

Slager was then criticized for trying to stage a scene to back up his claim of self-defense, by placing his stun gun beside Scott.

Four have pleaded guilty in state or federal court in the past six years.

While that case was ongoing, federal authorities pursued a parallel investigation against Slager on civil rights charges.

Michael Slager, who worked for the North Charleston police department, was charged with murder in state courts, proceedings that ended in a mistrial past year.

On Monday, Savage repeated his criticism that the state and federal governments teamed up unfairly on his client. But after the shooting, the Scott family successfully pleaded for calm, asking everyone to let the justice system run its course. In 2016, the city of North Charleston agreed to undergo a voluntary review of its department's polices and practices by the Department of Justice.