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Now people are calling for the head of the FCC's head.

Proponents of net neutrality protest against the Federal Communication Commission.

"Ajit Pai needs to stand down".

"Everyone who uses the Internet should be concerned about how this will impact Internet access and affordability", said Eustace in a statement. Additionally, the vote follows a public comment process that has been viewed as fatally flawed and tainted by "fake" comments submitted during the FCC's comment process in which almost two million comments stole the identities of Americans from across the United States. He said he hopes to introduce the bill before the end of this legislative session.

We knew it was likely, but that hasn't made it any more popular. The FCC's Thursday decision does not allow states to set their own net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality regulations were implemented by the Obama administration in an attempt to level the playing field for all Internet service providers.

Democratic Attorney General Hector Balderas on Friday called the FCC decision an "un-American attack on a free and open internet" that will harm New Mexico consumers and families.