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A little while ago, Donald Trump, who Time made Person Of The Year last year, tweeted that Time had offered to grant him the same honor again this year but that he'd have to sit for an interview and a photo shoot. The publication gave the title to the "The Silence Breakers" of the #MeToo movement for giving a voice to those who have been sexually harassed and assaulted. Uber engineer Susan Fowler, Visa lobbyist Adama Iwu, and strawberry picker Isabel Pascual are included on the cover as well.

"In the bottom left of the cover, there is an arm where you just see the elbow and you don't see the person", Alter said.

However, when announcing the new issue on the U.S version of Today, Time Editor in Chief Edward Felsenthal highlighted the fact that on the cover, an unknown women's elbow can be seen below Taylor.

The image is now a symbol of all the women and men out in the world who are unable to speak up about their experiences with sexual assault because it may negatively impact their lives.

Dubbed "the silence breakers" in Time's accompanying feature and the #MeToo movement on its shortlist, the magazine's latest honouree recognizes the women and men who, in increasing numbers and with greater success since a pair of October features in The New York Times and New Yorker laid bare the serial predatory behaviour of iconic film producer Harvey Weinstein, have been stepping forward and sharing their stories of being victims of harassment. And he could tell by my face - to use his words - that something devastating had happened to me.

TIME's silence breakers also includes other big names like Rose McGowan, Terry Crews, Selma Blair, and Alyssa Milano who have all played a crucial role in encouraging victims of sexual harassment and assault to find their voices.

This reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight.

From A-list stars to your most everyday person, Time documents how sexual abuse is common and is not just a Hollywood issue. "But it has actually been simmering for years, decades, centuries". Hit the comments to discuss all your unfiltered thoughts and commentary.