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Twitter said on Tuesday it would make it easier for users to build "tweetstorms" by linking together posts in "threads" to expound at length at the famously short-form messaging service.

By adding a plus button to the area where a tweet is composed, users will be able to connect a stream of tweets and publish them all at the same time. Once you are done, you can hit "Tweet all" and the entire thread will be posted at once.

In addition, another handy feature allows you to go back and update a thread by adding new tweets after it already posted. To compose a single tweet you just tap the compose button then tap the "Tweet" button now located in the top right hand corner. For users viewing threads, Twitter has added a "Show this thread" label to expand the thread of tweets.

The feature is expected to be applied across various devices, such as iOS, Android, and also the web version of Twitter, so do keep an eye out for it if this is something you are interested in. Recent data from social media analysis firm SocialFlow claims tweets with more than 140 characters are retweeted 26.52 times on average compared with 13.71 times for tweets of 140 characters and below.

Twitter says "hundreds of thousands of threads" are posted daily.

But this is changing with the introduction of the plus button in the composer.

Threading - where users link tweets together to share more information - has emerged as a growing trend on the platform, where updates are constrained by a limited number of characters.

To create a thread, users will simply have to type up their initial Tweet, and instead of hitting send, a plus sign will be made available. The need for an official thread feature has been apparent for years: third-party developers have been building apps to thread tweets since at least 2008.