To use Apple Pay Cash features, users must have an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPad (5th Generation), iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. iPhones and iPads should be updated with iOS 11.2, while Apple Watch owners should install watchOS 4.2. It's now available only in the United States.

The new service, which was first unveiled in June, is created to rival other similar apps like Square Cash and Venmo. So, if you want to, for example, pay your friend back for a meal out, sending the money through Apple Pay Cash means the payment is instantly deposited onto an Apple Pay Cash card added into the Wallet and available for immediate use.

Not all older Android hardware can run the newest version of the OS, but Android hardware makers are often less interested in updating older hardware than selling new devices. You can only access the money-transfer service via an up-to-date iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad.

One can activate it accordingly by going to Settings Wallet Apple Pay.

Just how popular the system proves to be remains to be seen, of course, but this is a positive step for anybody looking to leave their wallet behind and conduct all their financial dealings from the Apple Watch. The system will verify your identity too and ask you to confirm your real name and address. Enable it and, of course, make sure that you have money in your account.

There are limits on the amount of money that you can send and received per day and per transaction. But you will need a debit card for that. There have been a number of minor issues raised on Apple discussion boards, as well as disappointment that services such as Apple Pay Cash, which allows payments via text message, were not available at launch. The app will automatically draw the money directly from the bank account during each transaction.