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Facebook has actually been testing the snooze option for a few months, though the company seems to have made some tweaks to the feature since it was first debuted.

"Social networks are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works". Today, Facebook announced that it's giving users the option of temporarily "muting" those folks when they get a little too giddy about a topic, and it's calling the feature "Snooze". For example, with net neutrality becoming a very hot topic as of late, you can easily imagine someone using the Snooze button as a means to distance themselves from others who have opposing viewpoints.

What's fascinating is that a company founded on the idea of keeping in constant contact with friends from your life or from people you wouldn't otherwise hear from has moved on to finding as many ways as possible for users to not hear from those people.

Simply put, Snooze is something that allows you to purge a person, page, or group from your News Feed for a set amount of time. " It came after sharp criticism of Facebook by former top executives".

Facebook pushed back, saying it's become a socially conscious company in recent years. However, Facebook researchers are now thinking about the issue and wondering whether or not the time that users spend on Facebook is right for them. Other studies also showed that people only use social media and technology to pass the time. When people consume information passively on their News Feed but do not interact with them, they feel worse.

Ginsberg and Burke said social media can have a positive effect on people when they use it for active interaction, such as sharing pictures, commenting on posts or chatting with friends. The reason for it is not clear.

While Snooze isn't entirely different from the ability to straight up unfollow people, it is nice to have an option to remove certain posts from your News Feed for a limited amount of time.