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"PEBS00039-topic.html" class="local_link" >Trump presidency at a particularly inopportune time.

Bannon was chief executive of the Trump campaign in its final three months during the 2016 USA elections. The representation doesn't extend to special counsel Robert Mueller's probe or to Bannon's transition to government and his White House service, the person said.

Mr Bannon has tried to make amends.

The catalyst for this freakish bombshell is a recently released insider book on Mr. Trump and his administration by free-lance writer Michael Wolff.

He quickly presided over the brand of economic populism promoted by Trump and was hired as chief strategist for the White House. Of his old close adviser he tweeted, "When he was sacked, he not only lost his job, he has lost his mind". Five days later, Mr Bannon was out. As Trump aides called him disloyal and disgraceful, the president branded his former chief strategist on Twitter as "Sloppy Steve", an apparent reference to Bannon's often unkempt appearance, and declared that "he lost his mind" when he was pushed out of the White House last August. He stepped down from the company Tuesday, under pressure. Mr Bannon, a former investment banker turned Hollywood producer turned conservative activist, was at that time connected to Breitbart News, which he helped co-found.

Bannon to Testify Before House Committee Next Week

"I'm not saying I have or haven't", Trump said. "I got as far as the Fourth Amendment", he said, "before. his eyes are rolling back in his head".

Burck has also represented White House counsel Donald McGahn and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus over the Russian Federation investigation.

Another possible avenue for Mr Bannon already is closed.

Wednesday night, the White House released an official statement explicitly saying that a proposed amendment that would weaken the NSA's power would undermine "the useful role FISA's Section 702 authority plays in protecting American lives".

President Trump perplexed political pundits when he boasted Thursday that he has "a very good relationship" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, while in the same breath deriding his former right hand man Stephen Bannon as a traitor.