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A winter storm watches was posted for the rest of New Hampshire, where at least six inches of snow is expected.

Bomb cyclones have been referred to as "winter hurricanes".

Hull said other terms for the system include a weather bomb, or a Nor'easter. The only "bomb" anyone will be talking about on January 4 is the "bomb cyclone", or a winter storm where the pressure drops rapidly - at least 24 millibars over 24 hours - in a process called bombogenesis.

The storm was dropping inches of snow in SC, as well, as it moved up the coast first to the mid-Atlantic and then to New England. Blizzard conditions were in the forecast for those in eastern Long Island and parts of coastal New England, according to NOAA.

But the worst part of the storm may be the lingering cold that it will leave behind.

All day Thursday meteorologists are going to be glued to the new GOES-East satellite watching a truly fantastic extratopical "bomb" cyclone off New England coast. Snow also is expected along the coasts of Georgia and SC.

But if you've been seeing "bombogenesis" all over social media this week and thought it was just more of the same, get ready for a wild ride, because this one is the real deal.

The National Weather Service predicts that the storm could undergo "bombogenesis" - a fancy term that means the storm rapidly intensifying over a 24-hour period, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It will be massive - fill up entire Western Atlantic off U.S. East Coast.

A brutal winter storm has dumped snow, sleet and freezing rain up the south-east seaboard of the United States, delivering snowy conditions some cities had not seen in decades.

"We're talking hurricane force winds for coastal Nova Scotia, where some exposed areas could see gusts up to 140 km/h on Thursday", Hull said. @NWS offices are monitoring the subtle track changes that can have big impacts. "All of them. Highs in the single digits and teens will rewrite the record book for Jan 5th and 6th", Maue wrote in a tweet on January 3.

Video Is a "Bomb Cyclone" as Scary as It Sounds?

A similar effect was occurring Wednesday, as warm air over the ocean met extremely cold polar air that had descended over the East. Pressure was expected to fall quickly from Florida northward.