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A HuffPost YouGov poll a year ago found that more than half of all Americans thought a minimum wage raise would be good for workers, while only a third thought it would be a bad idea. Workers in New York City who are employed at businesses with at least 11 employees will now earn a minimum wage of $13/hour. "I would hope that when it shows the truth and the problem that this creates, it's listened to and we stop the increase in the minimum wage at that time".

The 15-cent increase for 2018 is the largest hourly increase since 2012, when the wage rose by 36 cents an hour, according to the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Business owners getting ready for minimum wage increase

The year 2018 will be the 20th anniversary of the legislation that saw the introduction of the minimum wage. The backing was greatest ― and most bipartisan ― for a modest hike to $10.10, as opposed to a bolder raise to $15. The rate is slightly lower for some trainees and teen workers. For example, since 2016 the minimum wage has increased 14.5% and is scheduled to continue to increase through 2021. When the wages increase, it makes it "cost effective" for employers to look for alternatives like self-check outs and other automated systems. Many of these laws were passed in just the last few years to thwart campaigns by workers and unions.

But State Senator Patrick Gallivan thinks it hurts too many small business owners. And while states like OH and Kentucky have blocked wage increases, others like Colorado and Hawaii just instituted pay raises of nearly a dollar.