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I think I irritate the whole house and it's becoming a little bit embarrassing.

Emma Willis also probed more about India's view on her time in the house, which has focused heavily on her transgender story.

After Big Brother's announcement, India fumes: "I'm all for winning but it is a bit sexist I think".

Friday evening was the first eviction of the series, and both India and Jonny faced eviction after live Face to Face nominations on Tuesday.

In the first of tonight's two shows, viewers saw India predict that she would be the first to leave - confessing she "got it wrong" with her "early outbursts".

Jonny caused his own fair share of controversy on Love Island last summer, so there's still a chance that he could fail to secure the votes needed to keep him in the house.

The newsreader has claimed she was previously abducted by aliens, and we have a feeling she was being completely serious.

She added: "I don't want to put a dampner on it, but all the girls as a pack, they've decided that I'm not one of them - for whatever reason". And I don't like that because I'm not an embarrassment on the outside, honestly.

Pucker up! Her comments come after Andrew took his bromance with the RuPaul's Drag Race star 35 to new flirty heights on Friday as they shared a playful kiss

"I would really, really like to say".

Ann was on the show back in 2010 ad she embraced the experience as much as she is embracing Big Brother.

Wayne made the confession during Wednesday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother during a conversation with Ashley James, 30 - prompting Ginuwine, 47, to admit he had never heard of the rock legend.

Amanda then joked: "That's the second time I've seen it, that's the second time I've witnessed it".

"Me", replied Amanda. "That's all".

"I know it's crucial to get a good bed so it was paramount in my head - I wanted a single bed".

Courtney explained how she "straddles the genders".

Since going public India has continued her work with ITV's local news programmes in the region and appeared on a series of high profile shows.