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Inside the headset, it's using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor platform, which powers the most popular Android smartphones on the market.

There is quite a bit of Daydream content now available through Google's VR storefront, the question is whether the Lenovo headset will be popular enough to drive developers to update content for its positional tracking and create wholly new experiences that are only possible with the 6DoF tracking technology.

It'll be available from Q2 this year for an RRP of $449.99 (around £332 at today's exchange rate, but we're waiting for official United Kingdom pricing). However, the good news is that partners like Lenovo are stepping in to fill that gap. It comes with a wireless hand controller for navigating the Daydream user interface.

Lenovo expects the Mirage Camera to ship in Q2 and should cost less than $300.

Right now there are two main types of virtual reality headsets, ones that are tethered to PCs and ones that need a smartphone to work.

In close collaboration with Google, the Mirage Solo features WorldSense, its six degrees-of-freedom technology that lets you move around in a virtual world as if you're really there. There's also some breathable padding in areas where the headset touches the skin, though it remains to be seen how fast that will become a grime depository. Lenovo's Mirage Camera features two 13 megapixel fisheye lenses that are touted as providing over twice the resolution of 360. In addition to navigation, it can also be used as a baseball bat, steering wheel, or whatever fits that given app or game.

Google's solution is most akin to a point-and-shoot camera. And since these cameras have WiFi built-in, shipping those captured media files to Google Photos or YouTube is relatively easy.

The Mirage Solo's black-and-white design looks a little like Samsung's Gear VR, but with a headband shape that's similar to the Sony PlayStation VR or Samsung Odyssey.

"Athens by exploring the ancient Greek citadel in person or search for clues to unravel a mystery surrounding fugitive Replicants in the congested streets of Blade Runner". The Mirage Solo with Daydream will retail for $400, which is way below the price of a 2017 flagship plus a $99 Google Daydream View headset. Users will search for evidence with the help of their flying spinner, deadly blaster, and esper image reconstruction to try to solve the mystery in an immersive VR environment.

The headset is notably the first to make use of the Worldsense inside-out positional tracking technology announced by Google a year ago.

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