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The release date was spotted by Red Dead News on Twitter yesterday, and the subsequent reaction from the Internet caused Coolshop to quietly replace the original release date witwh a nondescript 2018 placeholder.

If the June 8 Red Dead Redemption 2 release date does prove to be correct, we've got one huge summer to look forward to, as this is a hotly-anticipated game in the eyes of most Rockstar fans. So this June release date could be for real.

Even though the date of June 8th is outside of the "spring" window, Rockstar has said that they are taking their time with the next instalment of the Red Dead series instead of rushing to meet their deadline.

We're sure Rockstar's PR team has a plan but, if June 8 is indeed the new launch date, you would think The Game Awards earlier this month would have been the flawless time to make the final reveal.

For instance, Coolshop pre-maturely posted Grand Theft Auto V's release date with a November 14, 2014, launch date. Danish retailer Coolshop, meanwhile, has already revised their product listing page to show a launch date of just "2018" for the upcoming Western-themed game. For those planning on attending the event, a launch date of June 8 means that Rockstar actively hates you.

The first trailer for the game was released all the way back in October 2016, at the time promising a release in "Fall 2017". Rockstar later confirmed that it had delayed the game's release to 2018. The GTA V leak announced the game's release on a Friday and the game finally came out on a Tuesday four days later. The date is also a Friday, which, next to Tuesday, is a popular release day for high profile games. Tell us in the comments.