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A recent study from Juniper Research found that smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Sonos One will be installed in over 70 million USA households by 2022, reaching 55% of all homes. Google will be showcasing its products at CES this week in Las Vegas. But while device profits may have been negligible, the information companies such as Amazon and Google will learn from our purchases and habits will more than recoup those losses-and it's something you'll likely forget about as you're indoctrinated into the Alexa way of life. "So, it's no wonder we've sold tens of millions of all our Google devices for the home over this a year ago".

If you take a look at the Home Max, it only launched mid-December and costs $399.

Google sold more than one Home smart speaker every second since it started shipping in mid-October, taking the sales numbers to over six million, the company has announced. We're expecting the company to introduce more features for the U.S. market.

Amazon and Google are now vying to produce the best smart speakers and assistants in the hopg of dominating the booming market.

In the United States though, the company is adding more and more features to the Google Assistant.

To date, the voice-controlled Assistant is now compatible with over 1,500 smart home devices from over 225 different leading brands.

People can now broadcast their voice from Google Assistant on smartphones or voice-activated speakers like Google Home. Also, users can remotely control smart devices. Recently, it was reported Google is selling the Home Mini in losses as the overall cost of making a single Home Mini is more than $35.