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Here's what alligators do in extreme cold, according to The Swamp Park in North Carolina, where video of these icy alligators was captured.

If they need to breathe, the gators will slowly surface and poke their nostrils out of the water like can be seen in the video.

"(It's) just an absolute unbelievable survival technique and these guys were built tough millions of years ago and they remain tough today", Howard said. "This is the time of year when they are just hanging out, waiting for it to get warm".

On Tuesday, the animal sanctuary posted a second update, showing the ice beginning to thaw.

And, when the weather warmed up, the alligators went right back to sunbathing to increase their internal body temperatures.

"This is where a reptile's metabolism slows down dramatically and will go into a lethargic state", experts say in the blog.

All of the alligators in the park have been rescued from captivity and therefore can not go back to the wild. This includes two alligators that were used as "guard animals" by N.C. drug dealers.

"No, they will not respond", the park said in a Facebook post. But fortunately for them they have quite the tactic to survive the frozen waters.

Now you know. See ya later, alligator!

After nearly being eradicated in the early 20th century, alligators have made a comeback in North Carolina.

A Carolina Coastal Review study suggested the farthest west they might appear would be Richmond County, though none have been recorded living naturally past eastern Scotland County.