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When reached by phone for comment, Kramer denied her account.

But in what could be part of a greater tragedy, she said at the time of the assault, she told her parents and adult friends, but no one stepped up.

In a recent Facebook post, Dushku alleges she was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of the film's leading stunt coordinators.

I tried to keep Joel away from her as did others working on the set, but because of all the stunts she had to do, he was constantly involved with her and her body. Kramer was 36 years old at the time. Dushku named stunt coordinator Joel Kramer as her alleged assailant.

Dushku, who is now engaged, claimed he put on a movie and went into the bathroom before emerging naked, "bearing nothing but a small hand towel held flimsy at his mid-section".

However, Dushku's legal guardian on the True Lies set, Sue Booth-Forbes, corroborated Dushku's story in a statement to Deadline.

"We took care of her like she was our kid. I like to think of myself as a tough Boston chick", Dushku concluded. According to Kramer, he drove the vehicle to take her home.

Eliza Dushku claims she was sexually assaulted on the set of "True Lies" when she was just 12 years old.

"I just heard about it", Cameron said.

Kramer was responsible for her safety during the filming of the movie "that at the time broke new ground for action films".

She wrote: "I remember how soon-after, when my tough adult female friend (in whom I had confided my awful secret on the condition of a trade that she let me drive her vehicle around the Hollywood Hills) came out to the set to visit and face him, later that very same day, by no small coincidence, I was injured from a stunt-gone-wrong on the Harrier jet".

It has been 25 years, and I am grateful for the current efforts to stop this madness.

"Years ago, I had heard second hand that Joel Kramer was "found out" and forced to leave the business".

After that encounter, she wrote, Kramer "grew cold" and "everything felt different on the set". That image has haunted me near nonstop since. "We all looked out for her, that's surprising", he said via a phone call. "Atrocious lies", he said adding that he was "floored" by Dushku's allegations. "We took her out to dinner and we took her to our hotel for a swim at the pool".

He referred to the allegations as "absurd", asserting that it would have made no sense for him to act in the manner he accused her of. "Who in their right mind would do that and then still work with someone another six months or seven months or however long we had left to work together, wouldn't that be a little weird?"

"May Eliza be believed and supported", Booth-Forbes continued, "and may her courage in telling her truth make a contribution to the sea change that is in progress". Eliza admitted that the #MeToo movement inspired her to come out toward her abuse and it gave her "the ability to speak out". I'm glad Eliza did that ... "I'm already getting emails that people want to kill me", he claims. He went on to say that Hollywood (and all industries) needs to "create a safe avenue for people to speak up, that they feel safe and that anybody that might be a predator or an abuser knows that that mechanism is there, that it's encouraged and there's no shame around it and there will be consequences". Eliza says that she told an adult female friend about the incident, who, in turn, came to the set and confronted Kramer.

"I know the other party", he said in an apparent reference to Kramer, "not well; he hasn't worked for me since then". "Now, especially that I have daughters, there's really no mercy".