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On the other hand, Nintendo held a Direct previous year at this time so it is entirely possible that this rumour has some credibility.

It looks like 2017 has proven to be one of the best years for Nintendo, the Japanese gaming company. This was despite Nintendo's constant dilemma of keeping a balance between the delivered number of units versus the demand. In all, 18 placeholder listings were published to Amazon's store, and the presence of that text suggests they may be revealed in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. But don't be surprised if it's yet another classic title given a second chance at life, like Axelay or any given Konami franchise. It all started at the end of November when a leaked memo from Electronic Arts promised that a new Nintendo Direct would happen in January and that Fe would be making its way to the Switch.

Several role-playing games from Square Enix have already been announced for release in 2018, including "Dragon Quest XI" and "Dragon Quest Builders".

The Switch was exactly what Nintendo needed after the Wii U disaster, but I doubt anyone at Nintendo predicted just how popular its hybrid console was at launch and would continue to be 10 months on. Within the last quarter of the year, the anniversary game titled "Mega Man 11" is expected to launch.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Kyoto Shimbun in an interview where he discussed the console and how it continues to surpass expectations in terms of the Switch's sales targets.

Nintendo's line-up of planned first-party releases for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 remains mysterious for the time being. Kimishima also spoke briefly on the console's issues being kept in stock at the various retailers that have difficulty keeping it available for eager Switch faithful.