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A major security flaw in Intel chipsets was discovered this week, and this essentially affects almost all PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones out there.

Meltdown and Spectre are major security flaws that leaves the devices vulnerable to hacking.

Apple on Thursday confirmed that Meltdown and Spectre - the Google-discovered attacks that exploit a security flaw that affects nearly everything with a processor - can be used against its devices too.

"All Mac systems and iOS devices are affected, but there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time", the firm said in the statement.

In a blog post, the Cupertino company said that the flaws, known as Meltdown and Spectre, affect all Macs and iOS devices, but downloading its latest software update will fix at least one of the vulnerabilities.

Intel products are said to be especially vulnerable, but the company issued a statement dismissing as inaccurate reports that the problem was unique to its products.

Apple simply distributed another help archive clarifying that iOS and macOS could be assaulted by the newfound (and exceptionally risky) Meltdown and Specter misuses.

The current updates to MacOS and iOS protect against Meltdown, but Apple said it will look to incorporate better protections against Spectre-type attacks in future updates to those operating systems.

Current updates to macOS and iOS protect against Meltdown, and Apple is working on providing better protections against Spectre.

Apple is continuously developing and testing various mitigations and will release new updates further in all iOS, macOS and tvOS to tackle the situation.

"In the coming days we plan to release mitigations in Safari to help defend against Spectre", the iPhone maker explained.

Apple says none of the security fixes it's discharged have caused quantifiable performance diminishes in Apple gadgets, and it doesn't anticipate that future patches will do as such either.

There's no evidence that bad actors have yet exploited the bugs, but companies from Microsoft to Mozilla said they have worked to patch up vulnerabilities to their operating systems.