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Elizabeth Warren, fellow Democratic members of Massachusetts' congressional delegation.

That number is important, because 30 senators are needed to force a floor vote on the resolution. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., on Monday, putting it over the threshold to avoid committee approval. Ed Markey of MA announced Monday on Twitter. Markey proposed the resolution in mid-December with 27 other senators, just a day after the FCC repealed net neutrality. Those rules, adopted in 2015 to cap a decade of the agency's efforts, barred broadband service providers from blocking, slowing, or providing preferred access to particular websites or services.

Other public interest groups, including Free Press and Public Knowledge, along with some start-ups, announced plans to challenge the commission's move weeks ago, but the Internet Association had been undecided about how to respond.

Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, promoted dueling legislation - now in the form of spot bill SB 822 - stating the Legislature's intent to "effectuate net neutrality in California utilizing the state's regulatory powers". The sponsors for the resolution include 29 Democrats and Bernie Sanders, an independent who votes with the Democrats. Previously a seldom-used, obscure law, the CRA was used multiple times past year to overturn regulations issued in the waning days of the Obama administration.

Getting a vote is only part of the battle.

Washington, New York, and California have all introduced state-level net neutrality legislation in the aftermath of the FCC's decision to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules that treat the Internet like a public utility. Efforts by the aforementioned states to preserve net neutrality rules do exactly this. A University of Maryland poll last month found that 83% of Americans and 75% of Republicans said they supported them. And even if they could muster the votes from members of Congress, the bill would still need to be signed by President Donald Trump, which seems unlikely. But it appears that in this case, at least 30 Democrats are willing to use the trick to protect net neutrality.

Amid the harsh criticism of the repeal from consumer groups including Free Press, Pai on Wednesday pulled out of a planned appearance at this week's CES tech industry convention after reportedly receiving death threats. This effectively ended what many called Net Neutrality.

The Nebraska Telecommunications Association, which said it would study Morfeld's bill before taking a position on it, circulated a white paper among its 30 member companies previous year describing the 2015 rules as trying "to fit a square peg in a round hole".