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Satellite images show damage caused by a failed test launch that struck Tokchon, a city of 200,000 in the interior of Kim Jong-un's secretive state, according to a U.S. government official.

The missile was said to be a single Hwasong-12/KN17 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) launched from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province, that later, crashed into Tokchon. The crash landing reportedly caused extensive damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings, The Diplomat said.

Another danger pointed out by The Diplomat comes from North Korea's newly demonstrated ability to carry out surprise tests.

One of North Korea's failed missile tests in 2017 accidentally bombed one of its own towns, according to a new report.

On April 28, it was third test of Hwasong-12.

Tensions with North Korea escalated over the course of 2017 due to their increased ballistic missile tests as well as their nuclear weapons development, but it appears that not all of these went to plan.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un often have a war of words

A Google image of the site where The Diplomat says a failed missile came crashing to earth.

As The Diplomat notes, this particular missile launch didn't get much attention in the USA press at the time because all we really knew about it was the fact that it failed. Apart from Hwasong-12, North Korea also developed intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 and the Hwasong-15 a year ago.

Two Unha-3 missiles have been successfully launched, the latest in February 2016 from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in the northwest of the communist country. North Korea launched its first ICBM back in July and the United States did nothing but impose more sanctions.

With those changes, the US would only have a few hours to detect pre-launch preparations in the event that North Korea prepares to strike. The rogue nation's leader, Kim Jong Un, claims to have the "nuclear button" on his desk at all times.

Past altercations have also involved Trump calling the North Korea's Supreme Leader as the "little rocket man", whereas, Kim Jong-un called the US President a "dotard" as a sign of insult.

"No matter how much America wants to attack us with their military might and nuclear power, they know that now we possess such great nuclear power and therefore they will not dare".