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Called Paladins: Battlegrounds, the new mode is expected to release later this year, and will feature all of the same staples of the genre, including 100 players, a map that shrinks over time and more.

In this year's expo, Hi-Rez announced something we've reported on last year though for a different game.The studio has announced that Paladins Battle Royale mode is an actual thing, and it's called "Paladins Battlegrounds" which players will be getting for free!

Paladins: Battlegrounds combines ability-driven combat with survival gameplay having players spawn into a map which is 300 times the size of a normal Paladins' Siege map.

The mode will be played on a large map in 20-minute matches, and players will fight for loot in a number of outposts. This differentiates the title from games like PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale, as both of those can be played solo. The YouTube description for the Paladins: Battlegrounds trailer reads, "Welcome to the first-ever hero-shooter battle royale". Paladins developer Hi-Rez Studios is the latest to join in the Switch party, but we don't know which of its games will be coming yet.

Just when you thought the shooter genre would be safe from the battle royale craze, Hi-Rez studios reveals Paladins Battlegrounds.

But Hi-Rez games tend to be free, and offer an alternative to fans migrating away from the originals. Mounts will also be usable.

But, with the core Paladins experience being a hero shooter along the lines of Overwatch, drops with take on the form of legendary gear. It will launch alongside the new Trade District map.