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And still others were incredulous about how the biggest tech show in the world could lose electricity in the first place.

The Central Hall houses the giant booths for the show mainstays, including Sony, Samsung, LG and Intel, according to CNET.

The rare blackout follows rains that had shuttered some events at the show, whose location in the Nevada desert usually offers visitors a respite from snow and frigid temperatures elsewhere in the country.

CES sprawls across many venues close to the Las Vegas Strip, and the CTA had highlighted that majority had been unaffected.

The brightest minds in the world, but nobody thought to think that it can rain in Vegas... "We are working with the power company to restore power as soon as possible". We are opening Central Hall.

The Consumer Technology Association, which runs the event, has thanked visitors for their patience.

LG Electronics used the power cut to promote its OLED TV by saying, "Even without power, #CES2018 still can't match the ideal black of an #LGOLEDTV".

The power outage has apparently left some in the hall relatively unscathed.

Exhibitors appeared to be undeterred, with one attendee sharing a video of a Tesla vehicle flashing out a coordinated light show.

The official CES Twitter account weighed in on the madness.

Beyond the robots and ever bigger and better televisions, almost 4,000 companies will showcase products here, some, which might end up changing the world. There's nothing more tragic than rows upon rows of blackened 4K HD TV displays. Without power, most of the companies exhibiting their new technologies on the show were not able to do anything during the blackout.

Someone is having a bad day!

Toyota Motor Corp announced on Monday a self-driving electric concept vehicle that it will tailor for companies to use for tasks like ride hailing and package delivery, underscoring how automakers are no longer simply building cars but also providing services to go with them.