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Few phones are equipped like Razer's phone.

The concept also features a 53.6 Wh internal battery that can rapidly charge the docked phone to full capacity over three times while away from AC power.

Razer recently showed off its new smartphone as it looks to expand its gaming reputation into more markets.

It is important to note that Project Linda is hardly in the concept stage.

A user may complete the laptop input experience by using the docked phone as a touchpad, or a mouse may be connected for precision control in games and apps. While Project Linda is initially planning to run off of the Razer Phone, it's just the first step into a much more significant ecosystem...

Razer's Project Linda concept docks its Android phone in the laptop

To dock the Razer Phone into the laptop, you simply nestle it into the slot where the touchpad goes and press a button on the keyboard, which makes a USB Type-C dongle pop out and poke itself into the Razer Phone's port.

The other hurdle for Project Linda is the long and unhappy history of phone-laptop hybrids. But instead of a traditional Intel-inside PC, this is powered by the company's own Razer Phone, an Android device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU (which makes it similar to the first wave of Snapdragon-powered laptops from HP, Lenovo and others).

The idea of smartphone-powered laptop is nothing new as there were so many such implementations over the years.

While functionality was very limited, we were able to experience using the Razer Phone as the touchpad. The Razer Phone powers the laptop, while the laptop brings the keyboard, an extra battery, and a 13.3 inch HD touchscreen. Having spent many trade shows with my laptop tethered to my my phone's mobile connection due to shoddy Wi-Fi, I can certainly see the appeal. This is a concept still, but we did get a chance to check out the prototype with Razer this week at CES. It offers 200 GB of storage, connectivity through a built-in 3.5-millimeter audio jack, a USB-A port, a USB-C charging port, 720p webcam, and a dual-array microphone.

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