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Ryan said on Friday, "We need to fix DACA that (A) gets strong bipartisan support, that (B) does it in a thorough way so that we do not have another DACA problem five to ten years down the road".

And the President further complicated things Thursday when he made highly incendiary comments about immigrants from Haiti and countries in Africa, which have inflamed and brought criticism from many in Trump's own party.

At the same event on Friday, Speaker Ryan described President Donald Trump's alleged comment that African nations and Haiti are "shithole countries" as "very unfortunate, unhelpful".

Ryan's response to Trump's comments was telling because it was mostly about him. He was referring to Trump's asking, during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers, why the USA should admit more immigrants from "shithole countries" in Africa. He said that the first thing that came to mind is it's "very unfortunate" and "unhelpful". He called immigration a attractive story of America and said people from Africa in his hometown of Janesville are incredible citizens. "I just think it's important we celebrate that".

"Ultimately, I think we should go to a merit-based immigration system", Ryan argued. But he said he wants it to be part of a deal on border security. As a result, Ryan said he doubts there will be a government shutdown.

Trump sowed confusion over the bill by sending a tweet that resurrected his prior claims that his campaign team had been spied upon.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin and GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who were in that meeting at the White House, say the reports are accurate with Graham saying he "said his piece" to the President.