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A Louisiana teacher was forcibly removed from a school board meeting and arrested after saying that pay raises for leadership on the board was a "slap in the face" to all teachers. The board president had ruled her out of order, saying the public comment period was for comments, not questions. Shortly after being escorted out of the meeting, Hargrave was handcuffed by an Abbeville city marshal.

The director of Vermillion Parish schools, of which Rene Rost Middle School is a piece of, told KATC-TV that the school board won't squeeze charges against Hargrave.

'Sir, I am way smaller than you' she cries as he pushes her out the door of the building. "We work very hard, with very little, to maintain the salaries we have".

"I'm not - you just pushed me to the floor", Hargrave responds as the unnamed officer begins to push her towards the exit.

The Abbeville Police Department says they have received numerous emails and phone calls about the arrest but all questions concerning this incident should be made to the Vermilion Parish School Board.

KATC reports the teacher was booked into jail. Puyau told media in southwest Louisiana that the school system would not seek to have Hargrave prosecuted.

Hargrave then raised her hand. Then when she was called on again by the board, the marshal stepped up and asked her to leave.

Addressing the decision to remove the teacher, a spokesperson for the board said that the meeting had been set up to discuss the superintendent's contract and not the employees' salary. A 4-4 deadlock became 5-3 in favor of the new contract as the appointed member voted in favor of the renewal, she said.

"I personally apologize for the Vermilion Parish School Board", she said, adding, "This is a sad day for Vermilion Parish".

"I have reviewed the video and I am not going to approve any charges against the teacher", Funderburk said. The Abbeville Police Department did not arrest the teacher.

The Louisiana Association of Educators posted a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon noting that Hargrave is a member and has spoken to the organization's attorney.

He orders Hargrave to leave the premises and she follows him out.

'It was comments for the superintendent, ' Hargrave continues. Any action that infringes upon this right is unlawful and unacceptable.

It's misty if the marshal got orders from board individuals or in the event that he was following up on his own.