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Cavusoglu repeated Turkey's red line over its presence in Sochi by saying that: "We have said we will not be in any environment... where the YPG is present".

Turkey is irked with Russian Federation for inviting Syrian Kurdish militia, the Peoples' Protection Units (YPG), which controls much of northeast Syria but is viewed by Ankara as a terror group and offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), to the planned meeting in Sochi.

During the September round of Astana talks, Russia, Iran and Turkey, the three states that serve as guarantors of the Syrian ceasefire, agreed on all four de-escalation zones in Syria - one in Idlib including parts of neighboring Hama province, the second one in the north of the central province of Homs, the third one in eastern Ghouta near Damascus and the third one in the country's southern province of Deraa. The reports say that Syrian government forces, supported by Russian Federation were trying to regain control of areas controlled by Daesh and other rebel groups.

"Russia and Iran must stop the Syrian regime".

Rebels launched a counter-attack on Thursday.

Ankara has already summoned the Russian and Iranian ambassadors, in the biggest public flare-up of tensions with Moscow and Tehran in months.

Earlier on Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had warned Russian Federation and Iran to adhere to their joint accord signed with Turkey previous year for announcing "de-escalation zone" in Syrian town Idlib.

The ministry has written to the chiefs of the Turkish army and intelligence service to insist that the terms of a cease-fire are upheld, the newspaper said.

The YPG has received arms shipments and training from the U.S., in a move that angered Turkey which considers the Kurdish forces to be a "terrorist group" that threatens its security.

"Firstly, these are provocations aimed at the collapse of the earlier reached agreements. This puts Russian Federation against Turkey more frequently", according to Deniz Zeyrek, daily Hurriyet columnist.

Citing an anonymous diplomatic source, Anadolu news agency said that US Embassy Charge d'Affaires Philip Kosnett was summoned on Wednesday, without offering any further details.