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During the daily press briefing, Sanders insisted the president was familiar with the House bill, including Section 702, which allows some warrantless surveillance of foreigners overseas.

Reporting on the White House's response to a Washington Post report that President Donald Trump referred to some immigrants being from "shithole countries" in an Oval Office meeting Thursday, Acosta had trouble using the word reported.

According to The Wall Street Journal, turnover of staff in the Trump White House has been higher in its first year than in any previous administration.

"We don't think there was a conflict at all", said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "But, he does have some overall concern with the FISA program more generally".

"I think that the premise of your question is completely ridiculous and shows the lack of knowledge that you have on this process", she said.

The memo, obtained by ABC News and "verified by a senior White House official", is an update to the long-anticipated West Wing personal cell phone ban scheduled to go into effect January 16. For about two hours, they were phenomenal.

The FISA reauthorization vote passed the House Thursday afternoon - absent the privacy protecting amendment Trump appeared to endorse.

He also asked Sanders what she most liked about her role.

Trump was referring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which lets spy agencies collect information on foreign targets overseas.

Price doesn't touch the president or other Trump family members. The identities of some of those Trump officials were unmasked by President Barack Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice, an issue on which Trump has expressed outrage several times.