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The video was taken at Aokigahara, a forest in Japan that is known for suicides.

There are no official figures for suicides in Aokigahara, primarily because the Japanese government doesn't want to promote the forest as a suicide destination, but more than 500 people are said to have died there since the 1950s.

An apology video posted Tuesday to Paul's YouTube channel reached No. 1 on YouTube's trending list within an hour of its upload as fans flooded the comments section with supportive messages.

In its statement, YouTube gave its sympathies to the family of the person featured in the video and confirmed that content of the sort Paul uploaded is prohibited on the site. This was supposed to be a fun vlog'. They troop into the woods, before the video cuts to footage of a body hanging from a rope under a tree, filmed at a distance. Logan can be heard asking the body, "Yo are you alive?" And while Paul and his posse were wandering through the forest, they discovered a body of a man who apparently hanged himself from a tree. "Depression and mental illnesses are not a joke".

The YouTube star claimed that he and his crew visited the forest with an intent to focus on the "haunted aspect" of the forest.

The group continue to stand around the body, filming one another's reactions.

He then started laughing before saying that the whole vlog was supposed to be a joke.

The Internet has been relentless in letting Paul know that the video was beyond tasteless and goes further to prove that these YouTube celebrities and their inflated self-importance needs to be dialed down.

People criticized Paul for choosing to show the body and noted many of his followers are children.

Although the face of the victim was blurred out and Paul never monetized the video (which means he wouldn't make money from ads shown before the video), he immediately faced a firestorm of criticism on social media. "I didn't do it for views".

He wrote in his lengthy apology that he "didn't do it for the views" and that he was upset by the "monsoon of negativity" towards his intentions in uploading the video.

This is a first for me.